Confusion Hits Again

Do you live in a digital garden? By that I mean Google, Apple, Microsoft. Do you use one in particular or some of each?

For whatever reason, I need to use one set of tools and not use the others. For example, I use Microsoft Office, Mail, Edge, and Visual Studio. I used to use Gmail, Docs, and Android Studio/Eclipse/Netbeans (I’ve tried them all).

Sometime last week I decided I needed to switch to the Google stack because somehow my brain decided I should stick to programming only for Andoid and therefore everything else needed to be Google as well. Email, documents, photos, everything switched over. I decided I needed to rewrite my garden database entry program in Java so I downloaded Eclipse to make a servlet to run in Tomcat.

I then realized (remembered really) how rediculously difficult Eclipse is and things just didn’t work as simply as I thought they would. I had already written my garden database data entry program in ASP (core MVC). What on earth am I doing?

I switched everything back to MS. I wasted a good couple days from this self-inflicted confusion. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this kind of thing. I tell my wife they’re like confusion “attacks” and they’re exhausting (as she shakes her head in wonder).

The last “attack” was when I was stuck on super digital privacy. I decided to stay away from Linux this time (I did that before). I thought, let’s all get iPhones and Macs instead of android phones and PCs. Fortunately the price tag of such an endeavor straightened me out.

Do you ever do silly things like this? Do you suffer from self-inflicted confusion?

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